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JAVA, Spring, Hibernate

You only have to know one thing

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You only have to know one thing

Angular 6, Node JS, Ajax, JQuery

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Ferven Technologies
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Fervent Technologies is an IT and Business consulting firm, Founded in 2011. We headquartered in New Delhi.
Research Fuse
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Research Fuse is a leading-edge data collection services that help companies dealing with the relevant fields of market research and consulting services for their client companies and businesses across industries.

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Copy Selected fields from table2 to table1
If we want to set employeeCode in employeeMaster1 from employeeMaster2 for corresponding employeeId A join:UPDATE employeeMaster1 AS t1  INNER JOIN employeeMaster2 AS t2 ON t1.employeeId = t2.employeeIdSET t1.employeeCode = t2.employeeCodeB
Upload Image Using JQuery. Insert Into Database.
How To insert image into Database.Please follow the below Steps:-(1) Create a database   CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `userinfo` ( `id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `name` varchar(222) NOT NULL, `picture` varchar(222) NOT NULL, `creat
10 Second Highest Salary of Employee
SELECT * FROM employee E1 WHERE 1 = ( SELECT COUNT( DISTINCT salary )  FROM employee E2  WHERE E1.salary < E2.salary   )    LIMIT 0,10
Sorting a Multi-Dimensional Array with PHP
//an array of some songs I like$employee = array( '1' => array('name'=>'Hanzala Subhani', 'job_title'=>'Software Developer'), '2' => array('name'=>'Safdar Subhani', 'job_title'=>'Software Developer'), '3' => array('name'=>